Mi Ultimo Adios

Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell)– this was one of the last notes written by Jose Rizal before the day of his execution. Read again… “one of his last notes.” On the eve of his execution, on December 30, 1896, he wrote this 14 five-line stanzas poem. This poem was unsigned, untitled and undated. Perhaps unfinished? Perhaps, it really was unfinished. I mean, it was a farewell letter, one who would be executed wouldn’t have enough time writing everything he needs to say especially someone like Rizal.

Here is a copy of news story taken from The Inquirer dated December 30, 2002:

On the afternoon of Dec. 29, 1896, a day before his execution, Dr. Jose Rizal was visited by his mother, Teodora Alonzo, sisters Lucia, Josefa, Trinidad, Maria and Narcisa, and two nephews. When they took their leave, Rizal told Trinidad in English that there was something in the small alcohol stove (cocinilla), not alcohol lamp (lamparilla). The stove was given to Narcisa by the guard when the party was about to board their carriage in the courtyard. At home, the Rizal ladies recovered from the stove a folded paper. On it was written an unsigned, untitled and undated poem of 14 five-line stanzas. The Rizals reproduced copies of the poem and sent them to Rizal’s friends in the country and abroad. In 1897, Mariano Ponce in Hong Kong had the poem printed with the title “Mi Ultimo Pensamiento.” Fr. Mariano Dacanay, who received a copy of the poem while a prisoner in Bilibid(jail), published it in the first issue of La Independencia on Sept. 25, 1898 with the title “Ultimo Adios.” N.B. The stove was not delivered until after the execution. Rizal needed it to light the room and to be able to write the poem and his other parting words. VGPas 10/21/08.


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